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Management And Globalization Of Business - 818 Words

Management and Globalization University of the People Management has always played an important role in business. Managers are in place to guide employees, plan ahead for the business, and make important decisions financially and for the customers. In international business, however, management may take on a few more challenges and roles that are unique compared to the domestic market. This discussion will focus primarily on the impact of management in the globalization of business. International trade has been around for all of human history but has expanded rapidly in the past three decades. Because of the different cultural beliefs and ways of life in countries doing business, culture shock can happen to managers traveling abroad. Countries vary in their views, including those involving the roles of women in the workforce and the roles of managers. This can affect how these countries do business including networking and negotiation. Not all managers are culturally educated and it can be easy for them to remain comfortable in their own cultural norms, but it is important for business for managers to engage in other cultures and become educated on them. (Fenton-O’Creevy, 2013). Managers may also face ethical issues regarding doing international business. They may be faced with challenges on whether or not to do business with other companies that do not have ethical practices. They also must be mindful of safe working conditions for their employees and proper compensation.Show MoreRelatedManagement Of The Globalization Of Business1102 Words   |  5 PagesManagement in the Globalization of Business By Daryle Brown Over the past few decades, the information age has had a major impact on business – one of the biggest being globalization. This has, out of necessity, changed how business is managed – and introduced new and fascinating facets and concerns for business management, as well. We’ll look at a few of them here: multinational corporations, culture shock experienced by managers working abroad, fair trade issues, ethical issues faced by managersRead MoreImpact Of Management On The Globalization Of Business1374 Words   |  6 Pages Impact of management in the globalization of business Ruth Wills University of the People Abstract The purpose of this paper is to show impact of management in the globalization of business. The following topics are addressed in this paper: 1. Definition of Multi-National Corporation 2. Cultures and Norms 3. Management Style and Culture Shock 4. Management Style of a Multi-National Corporation : Toyota Motors 5. Ethical and Economic challenges faced Multinational CorporationRead MoreThe Impact Of Management On The Globalization Of Business849 Words   |  4 PagesThis essay is about the impact of management on the globalization of business. The impact of management will be on the following management topics: the multinational corporation; culture shock experienced by managers who work abroad; fair trade issues; ethical issues faced by managers in dealing with international business; the difference managerial styles in selected countries (for example Japan vs. the U.S. or Saudi Arabia vs. the U.S.); and the managerial culture of a selected country. BeforeRead MoreImpact Of Globalization On Business Management Essay1459 Words   |  6 PagesBUS 1101: PRINCIPLES OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT The Impact of Management in Globalization of Business. Globalization is the process in which a business or organization start operating on an international scale. The effects of Globalization have created an immediate change in Business Management. As stated by the website â€Å"Globalization on Business Management is interconnection of international markets managing business in a global industry. This includes foreign investments whereRead MoreThe Impact Of Management On The Globalization Of Business900 Words   |  4 PagesThe impact of management in the globalization of business. The multinational corporation The impact of globalization on international business International business refers to a wide range of business activities undertaken across national borders. Along with rapidly increasing globalization, international business has become a popular topic and has drawn the attention of business executives, government officials and academics. International business is different from domestic business. At the int ernationalRead MoreThe Impact of Management in the Globalization of Business609 Words   |  2 PagesThe world of business nowadays ignited and soared globally. It’s in the context of business itself. It’s inevitable. With this, the way the management manages such globalization in business has been affected consequently. According to Tabb (2008), globalization refers to the eruption and rise of global civilization in which economic, political, environmental, and cultural proceedings in one area of the world affected another and is the result of communication, transportation, and information technologyRead MoreImpact Of Globalization On Business Management1947 Words   |  8 Pages Globalization, according to Rothenberg (2013), is defined as â€Å"the integration among the people, government, and companies of different countries.† Globalization is the creation and expansion of economic and social connections among people and organizations around the world. This process is fueled by movement of people, goods, ideas, technology, and money across national boundaries. Globalization of business is the change of a business from a company operating in one country to one that operatesRead MoreThe Impact Of Management On The Globalization Of Business911 Words   |  4 PagesThe impact of management in the Globalisation of business Management plays a crucial role in globalisation of a business, they do research and appoint qualified executives to help implement strategies and plans set by top management and chose the right style of management to manage the global business and strive in a competitive market. Manager of such global business are faced with many problem and issues, ethical issue and environmental issues, management of global business they learn from suchRead MoreGlobalization And Marketing Management Of The Business1118 Words   |  5 PagesGlobalisation and Marketing management of the business Globalisation of business is the change in a business from a company associated with a single country to one that operates in multiple countries. Globalisation has a significant impact on marketing management as a barrier of trade between nations allow for businesses to operate on an international scale with various economies around the world. Marketing is the process of creating a product and then developing and implementing strategies thatRead MoreGlobalization On Business Management : The Multinational Company Essay1014 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction Business management is the act of getting people together to accomplish desired goals and objectives. Globalization in short, points to the whole effort towards making the world global community as a one village. Globalization on business management is interconnection of international markets and managing businesses in a global industry. This includes foreign investments whereby a company expands its business and invest in foreign countries. Globalization makes business management easier and

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Dramatic and Linguistic Devices in William Shakespeares...

Dramatic and Linguistic Devices in William Shakespeares Othello Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’, in my opinion is one of his most cleverly written plays. It is a tragedy, similar in a way to the likes of the famous Romeo and Juliet, as there is a definite romance in the play, which quickly turns sour, due to lack of trust and jealousy, or as some might think, the tragedy is all down to manipulation and deceit. The play deals with many controversial issues such as racism which makes it unique. In Act III Scene 3 Iago convinces a man who loves his wife completely that she is having an affair with one of his most trusted subjects without using one shred of proof or any real basis. This is a man who†¦show more content†¦Iago tells the audience in one of his soliloquies I hate the Moor, and he shows his hatred of Othello in the opening scene of the play. Iago refers to Othello as the Moor, and makes many racist comments about him such as Barbary horse and an old black ram. However Iago uses many techniques to completely transform Othello’s character. Firstly, Iago plants seeds of suspicion in Othello’s mind, and continues to water and nurture them throughout the whole scene, until he has completely ruined Othello. For instance, Iago’s first words in Act III Scene 3 are: â€Å"Ha! I like not that†. He is clearly trying to imply that something is going on between Desdemona and Cassio. He is doing this in a very sly manor. This clearly illustrates the fact that one of Iago’s techniques is to arouse suspicion. â€Å"I know our Country Disposition well: In Venice they do let God see the pranks They dare not show their husbands; Their best conscience Is not to leave’t undone but keep’t unknown†. Here Iago plays on Othello’s insecurities. He makes a brief statement saying that Venetian women’s consciences don’t tell them that having affairs is morally wrong only that they must keep them well hidden from their husbands. Othello knows all too well that Desdemona is a VenetianShow MoreRelated Madness and Insanity in Shakespeares Hamlet Essay3091 Words   |  13 PagesHamlet and Insanity      Ã‚  Ã‚   William Shakespeare’s creation of the character of Hamlet within the tragedy of that name left open the question of whether the madness of the protagonist is entirely feigned or not. This essay will treat this aspect of the drama.    George Lyman Kittredge in the Introduction to The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, explains the lack of success with Hamlet’s pretended insanity, and in so doing he implies that the madness is entirely feigned and not real:Read MoreGp Essay Mainpoints24643 Words   |  99 PagesEasily edited rather than reprinted (e.g. Wikipedia freely create and edit info): completely dynamic resource, constantly evolving, updating, self-correcting, improving Not everyone has access to the Internet to begin with †¢ Computers, mobile devices such as phones can connect to Internet †¢ Suggest an increasingly wired world †¢ Restricted to developed countries, and particularly, those in the middle or upper classes †¢ No access to World Wide Web (irony in the name). While Africans

Twenty four hour truce Free Essays

As women, we all dream of a life where we finally feel free and safe. Just the mere thought of being able to walk down the street alone at 1 1 PM without worrying that someone might take advantage of you Is beyond exhilarating, feeling safe In our own homes, safe In our relationships, safe amongst the figures who were deemed to be protectors but have proved time and time again to be the mall source of our pain. Andrea Drinks calls upon a truce, â€Å"†¦ A Twenty-Four-Hour Truce During Which There Is No Rape†. We will write a custom essay sample on Twenty four hour truce or any similar topic only for you Order Now Henceforth this essay will critically analyses Drinks plea, not only ringing forth an end to rape and the rise of men in against this patriarchal war but to bring an upturn in gender equity and the evaluation of restorative and punitive justice. First and foremost we need to define what gender equality is. Gender equality can be regarded as the measurable equal representation of women and men. Gender equality does not Infer that women and men are the same; amongst other reasons we are not the same and we will never be the same mainly because of our biological stand points. But gender equality does Imply that both men and women ought to eve equal value and should be accorded equal treatment; not only In the workplace but In the societal view as a whole. In Drinks speech, she proves that patriarchy Is a framework that is socially embedded in the eve stands of the clothes that we wear. Even to those who proclaim that they do not support such backward yet very present views of patriarchy, their silence, their standing in the shadows doing and saying nothing is a clear indication of their support. As it verifies that he who is most violent stands in the place of being the alpha male. Men such as Joseph Kong or militant ropes such as the Book Harem, Doll Hitler, Fillmore Slim.. And so forth; have made their marks in the sand of time for the oppression of women . All opposed by the female masses yet the males, those who are supposedly on the same superior ranking, have remained on the side-lines of this In Just war against women abuse In all angles. L would Like to scream; and In that screams I would have the raped and the sobs of the battered; and even worse, In the centre of that scream I would have the deafening sound of women’s silence, that silence into which we are born because e are women and in which most of us die† – Andrea Drinks I believe that we have reached a point in time where this on going struggle against male dominance should not be necessarily headed by females only. We live in this world where when it is deemed necessary in the public eye men and women are equal, we have seen and embraced the leadership skills of women, the inventors and of those have proved to be twice as strong in combat. It Is time that men pulled out their placards from their cupboards and voiced out their feelings of rebellion against patriarchy and put their foot forward towards gender equality. Ender equality or gender equity does not Ill In the hands of men. As It Is with any battle that Is being fought the greatest victory comes from the mind of the oppressed. Realigns that they themselves are indeed worth the fight and that they are not and should not be educate other women. This is possible through education because, yes, even in this day and age most women especially of those coming up from townships and surrounding violent areas still believe that if a man hits you; leaves you with bruises, if a man puts you down emotionally and if a man forces himself on you especially if o are in a relationship. This is seen as a proud declaration to the public of his love towards you. As we know first and foremost change comes from within. So before we can expect anyone on the outside to protect women and to speak on behalf of women the oppressed minds of those whose lives have revolved around playing victim need to be able to stand up for what is that they believe in; which should be gender equality â€Å"A gun in every holster, a pregnant woman in every home will make America a man again† -Ronald Reagan One needs to define and fully understand what it really means to be a man. In this case we see that being a man takes on the form of being superior and being in control. On the perspective of gender equity gender based violence is not the only form of oppression. Abuse comes in many forms and sizes. Gender violence includes rape, sexual assault; relationship violence in heterosexual and same sex relationships, sexual harassment, stalking, prostitution and sex trafficking. The term â€Å"gender violence† reflects the idea that violence often serves to maintain structural gender inequalities, and includes all types of violence against women, children, adolescents, gay and transgender people. This type of violence in some way influences or is influenced by gender relations. To sufficiently address this violence, we have to address cultural issues that encourage violence as part of masculinity. The workplace is also one of the places where great oppression against women occur. In the workplace women are often obliged to perform favors whether it be sexually they or other; they are subsequently expected to earn lower salaries than their male counterparts even if though they might do the same amount of work if not more. People often misinterpret the teaching of religion to fit their own demented fetishes in relation to male dominance. Where one religious book would teach the readings of the submissiveness of women and how respect is a two way streak; another would look at that teaching as a means where women are to be treated as puppets and they are the puppeteers in that they control every movement. Society also places a huge role on how women are supposed to think, look, eat, enhance, wear and behave. There has been a great shift in the way that women dress in the asses as apposed to now. It is onlooker about looking reprehensible and elegant and well put together at all times. It is indeed about how much skin you can show, it is about sex appeal. Now this sex appeal is not directly directed to other women it is in actual fact directed at men, as they are seen as having the most purchasing power in all angles. The common phrase sex sells is true, but at what cost? It is at the cost of thousands of women pioneering to walk around half naked to be recognized by men; it is at the heart of a multimillion dollar food chain (Hooters) . Women may not monumentally realism this pressure to constantly look good, not necessarily for ourselves but for the pleasure of males. This is a form of oppression because it means that as women we are unconsciously forced to sell ourselves for the benefit of those who will view women as nothing more than Just visual pleasures. The current resolutions is given to individuals that do not have an interest in the matter, which ultimately prevents the individuals involved from determining their own form of justice. Additionally, obedience to this system is enforced under duress. Rather than sing force to achieve compliance, the anarchist approach to resolving conflict is voluntary, and believes Justice can only be determined by the involved parties through dialogue. This means, rather than sending offenders to Jail, they confront the people that have been harmed by their actions, and take responsibility for rectifying the situation and by helping them recognizes their mistake. But how does one find comfort in rehabilitating a fully grown man who rapes a child? How does one rectify years and years of broken bones, black eyes and blank outs when the fear of being rut again is deeply rooted in the women’s soul. Whereas, punitive Justice works on the basis that it is indeed an eye for an eye. It believes in punishment an in a sense, revenge; but could also have detrimental outcomes as the root of the problem was not resolved and because of this the perpetrator can do it again. Not much punishment can be done because of the human right laws that are in place to protect everyone equally It is like a child that is being punished for something that he or she does not understand, the chances of that child doing it again are very high cause they could not see where they went wrong. There is no sure fire way of preventing perpetrators from acting again. We do not know if restorative Justice or punitive is the way forward as we are all different some people have higher moral values than others and some Just don’t have them. Period. In closing Drinks claims do have merit in South Africa as our rape and women abuse ratings sky rocket by the minute. Is it possible, yes, purely because anything is possible. But not in the near future, equality is system that will take a lot of time to adjust too. This not only applies to men but to women as well. How to cite Twenty four hour truce, Papers

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Reward System And Its Impact On Employee Motivation free essay sample

Social networking also referred to as social media. The growing usage of social media indicates a potentially effective new platform for advertisers. Social Media, today, is among the ‘best opportunities available’ to a brand for connecting with Prospective consumers. Social media is the medium to socialize. These new media win the trust of consumers by connecting with them at a deeper level. Social media marketing is the new mantra for several brands since early last year. Marketers are taking note of many different social media opportunities and beginning to implement new social initiatives at a higher rate than ever before. Social media marketing and the businesses that utilize it have become more sophisticated. One cannot afford to have no presence on the social channels if the competitor is making waves with its products and services. The explosion of social media phenomenon is as mind boggling as that and the pace at which it is growing is maddening. We will write a custom essay sample on Reward System And Its Impact On Employee Motivation or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Global companies have recognized social media marketing as a potential marketing platform, utilized them with innovations to power their advertising campaign with social media marketing. - KEY WORDS: Social networking, Marketers, Socialize, Media SOCIAL NETWORKING Social networking, also referred to as social media, encompasses many Internet-based tools that make it easier for people to listen, interact, engage and collaborate with each other. Social networking platforms such as Face book, MySpace, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, message boards, Wikipedia and countless others are catching on like wildfire. People use social networking to share recipes, photos, ideas and to keep friends updated on our lives. SOCIAL NETWORKING IN MARKETING Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites. Social media itself is a catch-all term for sites that may provide radically different social actions. For instance, Twitter is a social site designed to let people share short messages or â€Å"updates† with others. Face book, in contrast is a full-blown social networking site that allows for sharing updates, photos, joining events and a variety of other activities. ORIGINATION OF SOCIAL NETWORKING According to a BBC Radio 4 documentary, the origins of social networking can be traced back to the 1970s. While conducting research for the radio show, The Secret History of Social Networking, the BBC’s Technology Correspondent, Rory Cellan-Jones, found that in 1973 the owner of a record shop in Berkeley California placed an analogue computer in his store and invited people to come in and type messages. The computer quickly became a popular attraction, especially amongst University of California students who would come in to the store to post messages and take part in discussions on the analogue machine. One of the first social networking Web sites, launched in 1997, was SixDegrees. com. This site started the trend of enabling users to create personal profiles and make lists of their friends. Two years after the fall of Six Degrees, Live Journal offered authors options to add a list of friends to their profile page. Other early social networking sites include Friendster and online dateing service Ryze. MySpace launched in 2003. However, the site didnt start drawing the attention of the masses until well into 2004, due largely in part to MySpace changes that allowed teenagers to join the social network. Since their introduction, social networking sites (SNS) have attracted millions of users, whereby many people integrate these sites into their daily practices. The conception of Googlebuzz. com has been recently introduced to rival the likes of facebook, which has 350 million users. Here is a timeline to show the progress of the social networking world. 1995: Classmates. com is a social media website created by Randy Conrad. The website helps members find, connect and keep in touch with friends and acquaintances from school life. Classmates has more than 40 million active members in the US and Canada. In early 2008, Nielson Online ranked Classmates as number 3 in unique monthly visitors among social networking sites. 1997: Sixdegrees. com was named after the six degrees of separation concept and allowed users to list friends, family members and acquaintances and see their connection with any other user on the site. It was one of the first manifestations of a social networking websites in the format now seen today. Sixdegrees closed in 2007. At its height, the website had about a million users. 1999: Cyworld. com is a South Korean social networking service. Users can have â€Å"apartment like† spaces which make for a sim-world like experience. The ‘cy’ in Cyworld could stand for Cyber; however, it also plays on the Korean word for relationship. A 2005 survey showed that 25% of South Korea was users. 2002: Friendster. com has over 115 million registered users and over 61 million unique visitors per global month. Over 90% of friendster’s traffic comes from Asia. The website is also used for dating, discovering new events, bands and hobbies. 2003: Myspace. com launched after eUniverse employees with Friendster saw its potential and mimicked the more popular features of the social networking site. Myspace became the most popular social networking site in US 2006. The 100th million account was created on August 9 2006. 2005: Bebo. com is an acronym for â€Å"blog early, blog often†. It is similar to other networking sites; the site must include two specific modules, a comment section and a list of users’ friends. The site claims 40 million users. 2006: Facebook. com is the most popular social networking site boasting 350 million users. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg who studied at Harvard University. The websites membership was initially limited by the founders to Harvard students, but was expanded to other colleges. Facebook has met with some controversy being blocked in countries such as, China, Syria and Iran. The original concept for Facebook came from the colloquial name for books given out at the start of the academic year by universities designed to help students get to know one another better. 2006: Twitter. com is a social networking site that that enables its users to send and read messages known as â€Å"tweets†. Tweets are text based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the authors profile page and are delivered to the author’s subscribers known as followers. It is sometimes described as the â€Å"SMS of the internet† and is widely popular with about 5 million users. ROLE OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN MARKETING: Social media is now increasingly becoming an ingrained aspect of political campaigns, national defence strategies, public policy, public relations, brand management and even intra company communication. Since the major task of marketing as tool used to inform consumers about the company’s products, who they are and what they offer, social marketing plays an important role in marketing.  · Social media can be used to provide an identity about the companies and the products or services that they offer.  · Social media helps in creating relationships with people who might not otherwise know about the products or service or what the companies represent.  · Social media makes companies â€Å"real† to consumers. If they need not just talk about the latest product news, but share their personality with them.  · Social media can be used to associate themselves with their peers that may be serving the same target market.  · Social media can be used to communicate and provide the interaction that consumer look for. THE GLOBAL IMPACT OF SOCIAL NETWORKS IN MARKETING According to comScore, a marketing research company that tracks Internet traffic, social networking sites accounted for 13. 8 billion display ad impressions in August 2009, representing more than 25 percent of all display ads viewed online, in a study of U. K. online display advertising on social networking sites. Social media is changing the way marketing is done. No longer can marketers rely on putting out one general message to the public. In Malaysia, 80% of affluent Malaysians use social networking sites. The opinions of bloggers and friends have become more influential than advertisements. Using social media allows businesses to reduce cost on marketing or connect with customers. A number of Malaysian companies use social network to promote their product or service. A recent example is mobile operator DiGi who used social networking to create awareness on mobile broadband. One of the many campaigns DiGi did was Pimp My Broadband which was a contest allowing people to post up creative videos to the site. DiGi used mostly Face book and Twitter to spread the word and communicate with people. In another example, the Prudential insurance company was running in December 2009 a contest for which people were asked to guess the retirement fund a fictional character named Adam would need to retire comfortably. This campaign was heavily promoted over social networks and blogs. Most organisations have jumped onto the social networking bandwagon. Large and small organisations alike maintain Facebook fan pages and groups. The leading budget travel airline, AirAsia, has more than 20 different Facebook pages and groups that promote some aspect of their service. It also has Twitter feeds as well as its own social network located at www. airasia. ning. com. The results have been impressive. It claims to lead all other airlines with a fan base of approximately 100,000. The AirAsia blog is ranked as the world’s second most popular blog site by an airline while CEO Tony Fernandes’ blog is the most popular in Malaysia by a corporate leader. Its YouTube site is very popular while its Twitter account has 15,500 followers. AirAsia’s investment of time and effort to reach out socially to Internet users must be bringing results; it recently announced plans to launch a brand new social network for travellers. The Nielsen Company estimates online advertising spent on the top social network and blogging sites increased 119 percent, from approximately USD49 million in August 2008 to approximately USD108 million in August 2009. Businesses and professionals are also connecting with one another on social networks. It has become commonplace for professionals to maintain accounts at LinkedIn. Using that platform, businessmen are able to find contacts that they can trust as introductions come from people they know and trust. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING IN INDIA AN OVERVIEW India has 71 million active internet users. Social Media is really picking up new heights in India. Many companies are coming big way for Social Media Optimization for their Product or Services nowadays. During Election 2009 Social Media was used for Influence Indian Voters. Social Media Marketing in India is being undertaken by brands like Tata Docomo, MTV India, Channel V, Clear Trip, Tata Photon, Axe deodorants, Microsoft, Naukri, Shaadi and many more. Besides, numerous Indian celebrities are also using SMM platform to promote their movies, music and events via Twitter, Facebook and personalized blogs. Social Media Marketing is also boosting public relations business. Several PR agencies in India are undertaking brand building exercises for corporate organizations, brands and celebrities. However, to the delight of many among us, the biggest gainers from SMM till date have been the organizations from the Not-for- Profit sector. Several Campaigns like ‘Bell Bajao’ and ‘Jaago Re’ have been quite successful on Social Networking Sites. These campaigns have been spreading the word about their cause through blogs, Twitter and Facebook. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING STRATEGIES: SMM is still in its infancy. Most of the online retailers though appreciate its positives fallouts on the brand awareness and promotion; they are still in the early stages of adoption. For an organization willing to invest in social media marketing, it is important to understand why SMM is an important marketing strategy and how it can help: This is the age of consumer satisfaction. It is not about selling it is more about interacting. There is a lot to learn from the customers. Using social media one can identify customers, listen to their feedback and use them to improve and innovate on products or services. SMM is not a mass advertising strategy. It can be used to identify peer groups and advertise to that particular group. Social Media can help in identifying influencers and through them one can guide a prospective customer into making a purchase. SMM calls for novel advertising methods as the attention span of online junta is very low. This is largely due to the multitasking phenomena. A person watching a video clip on YouTube might be simultaneously updating a blog, while reading another one and watching friend’s photographs on Facebook. In order to garner their attention away from distractions the advertisement must be innovative and interesting to hold the imagination and attention of the prospect. At the same time the message must also provoke the recipient into action; like seeking a detailed description of the product/service, or suggesting to a friend, or initiating purchase. So, if the advertisement is trying to sell something then it should be conveniently placed with links so that the prospect can make a purchase with least effort. Similarly Social Media can be used to increase customer loyalty through customer support services and hence improve customer retention. Social Media Marketing can also be used by brands to ward off any negative publicity. But the brands will have to be cautious here as over doing it may further aggravate their customers / stakeholders. There are many things that social media can do for business. Developing a strategy for using it means that the firms need to think about what they want to accomplish this year and determine how social media fits into the plan. One of the benefits of a social media strategy is the fact that the available tools can customized for their particular needs. The firms can choose to concentrate their efforts on the sites that seem to offer the best return on investment, while taking a â€Å"wait and see† stand on the others. Better Marketing Communications Any marketing campaign is only as good as its effectiveness in reaching the client. As the saying goes, you can have the best product in the world but its success depends on its reach to the customers. One advantage that social media networks such as Twitter, Blogspot, MySpace and Facebook possess is that of cross-communication. In other words, much of the information is shared across different social sites. In the past, marketing strategies would target a certain audience based on the resources available. These days, however, if a company has a profile page on Facebook, for example, cross talk alone can generate interest, because of the fluidity of social media websites. Social media sites have helped do away with many geographical and communicative borders; companies who have listings with these sites can place themselves in a position where such communication can be just as effective as a targeted marketing campaign. In the same way, if one person subscribes to a certain company’s web page, it is likely his or her friends will see it and too may become interested. Qualified potential clients can come to the company rather than the other way around! Higher Customer Satisfaction When a company is seen as being active on social media sites, it has just established itself as having its proverbial â€Å"finger on the pulse† of modern society. In a very real way, people take notice and assume that the company has something to say, that it is part of the community rather than simply a static web page. By posting regular updates that subscribers can see, business can appeal to their tastes and, more importantly, that business also has the ability to follow trends and change strategies based on the requirement. A keen observation is always essential for these updates. A close association with current scenario and trends will align the business people to more accurately cater to their audience’s needs. In the past, a happy customer was a customer who could become a regular customer. Today, a happy customer or client has the ability to recommend a company to others grouped under similar target audience. Social networks can accomplish much of the work that in the past was allocated to the more traditional e-mail campaigns. Stronger Financial Returns This final factor should be the most obvious and, at the same time, the most motivating. It only stands to reason that with a larger target base, sales and publicity will naturally increase. One important thing to remember is that there are few if any costs when dealing with social sites. In the past, domain names came with a price tag. Even more relevant was the financial burden which often accompanied building a very good website (web design, maintenance, updates, etc). When a company takes advantage of social media, on the other hand, not only does exposure increase if done in the right manner, but also the financial obligation is little, if any. Why, then, are more businesses not taking full advantage of the tools in front of them? One of the issues is that many out there still consider the social media market a â€Å"niche† sector and haven’t fully implemented their campaigns to include social networking as a part of the overall strategy. Other companies state that not all of their employees are open to newer technologies. Still others just don’t have correct media policies in place; i. e. what can be said, how it can be said, the chain of command to approve updates†¦the list can go on and on. The main issue tends to revolve around the adaptation to changing technologies and sources of revenue. CONCLUSION: There is no escaping social media these days, either for individuals or for businesses. Today, it is impossible to separate social media from the online world. Companies are diverting resources and rethinking their traditional outreach strategies. And as the social media wave dissipates into the vast ocean of connected experiences, the term itself will become an entry in dictionaries and encyclopaedias and we will embark on a new era of knowledge, accessibility and experiences unbound by distance, time or physical walls. It is high time that every business adopts social media and takes it seriously!

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buy custom Consequences of the Uninsured Problem essay

buy custom Consequences of the Uninsured Problem essay Introduction Health insurance has a lot of benefits, not only to a working population but also to employers, government, as well as hospitals and doctors. Having a health insurance policy ensures that the individuals along with their families are provided with access to quality medical care, such that they can be taken through preventive measures like immunization, maintenance procedures like frequent medical checkups, and early diagnosis to prevent chronic diseases that can be cured if detected early. All these would imply less health care costs incurred by the hospitals and doctors, as early diagnosis prevents the high cost emergency treatments for most conditions. The government also ends up having to spend less money on health care and the employers and their employees pay lower premiums for their cost sharing insurance arrangements. Generally, everyone is covered when there is adequate health insurance coverage. The other side of that story is, however, not as good. The Problem Statement Gruber (2008) reckons that being uninsured implies that ones access to health care facilities is heavily hampered; it leads to cases when people get to a doctor when their health is severely deteriorated, requiring emergency primary care. This means that there are no preventive or maintenance measures, and the possibility that they cannot afford the cost of this care is also real. The expense is thus transferred to the hospital, the government and the insurance policy holders as the premiums get hiked to cover the rising costs of health care. When the uninsured persons are employed, it means they will be unhealthy and thus fail to report to work for a given number of days. Considering that their illness could have been prevented through vaccination or treated early as a minor problem if caught during a frequent medical checkup, this loss of working days is totally unnecessary and often costs the employer a lot in terms of time and money. Impacts of the Uninsured Issue on Various Stakeholders The major stakeholders in the uninsured issue are hospitals, government, employers, patients, physicians and insurers (Ziller, Coburn Youseflan, 2006). All of these groups are exposed by the uninsured issue in one way or another as discussed below. Hospitals often take in the severe cases that need primary care in the emergency department. This is often very expensive in that the cases brought in by the uninsured tend to be preventable or treatable at a relatively cheaper cost, if diagnosed early. The fact that these individuals do not have access to preventive measures and maintenance procedures leaves them vulnerable to conditions that are not only treatable, but also very preventable. Hospitals are typically responsible for the costs incurred in their emergency departments and thus the uninsured hike these costs (Ziller, Coburn Youseflan, 2006). Also, the high numbers of the uninsured populations in the US implies that these hospitals have a heavy work load in the emergency department. More often than not, this compromises the quality of health care that can be availed by these hospitals, unless the funding is matched to the demand. As more uninsured persons seek health care, more funding is required to sustain the quality of the health services at an acceptable level. The government is partially responsible for funding the health sector, and with so many uninsured individuals the budget is bound to be high. Hospitals cannot run without adequate funding and thus the government needs to cover the deficit if the quality of health care is to be maintained (Sered Fernandopulle, 2008). Also, when an uninsured person checks in to a hospital in a critical state and is later on proven unable to cover their bills, the government has to absorb this cost to cushion the hospitals. The physicians also suffer from the uninsured issue, as they have to deal with emergency cases that are treaatable if diagnosed early or even preventable if the patient has access to routine medical checkups and other preventive measures like vaccination. The high uninsured populations also ensure that the physicists have too much work in the emergency departments. It also frustrates them, given the lives that could have been saved and yet end up being lost as a result of delayed medical attention. It can thus be stated that from the physicists perspective, the uninsured issue increases the cost of health care with regards to the high number of patients they have to deal with, compromises the quality of service, as they have to work longer hours and limits access as there are always too many patients seeking their attention in the emergency room for conditions that should have been diagnosed and treated early as minor conditions, or prevented through immunization. For the insured patients, the uninsured issue increases the cost of insurance as the health care costs go up. They are thus forced to pay higher than normal premiums in order to ensure that the hospitals can maintain the quality of care that they are accustomed to. Also, the fact that there are often many cases in the emergency department implies that these insured patients are unable to access their physicists when they have real emergencies to deal with. For the uninsured, the impact is limited access to health care, high cost of health care at the emergency department and, in some cases, poor quality treatment given that the physicians are overloaded at the emergency department. Employers use health insurance as a motivational package to attract and retain a skilled workforce. However, over 80% of the uninsured population is employed or from a working family (Marwick, 2012). This implies that there are a number of employers who do not provide medical insurance coverage for their employees even on a cost sharing basis and yet an employment-based insurance is the most common and convenient one. Having uninsured employees results in too many cases of sick leaves, as well as low employee retention. Buy custom Consequences of the Uninsured Problem essay

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June Themes and Activities for Elementary Students

June Themes and Activities for Elementary Students If youre still in the classroom when summer starts,  use these ideas for inspiration to create your own lessons and activities or use the ideas provided. Here is a list of June themes, events, and holidays with correlating activities to go with them.   Celebrate Month-Long June Themes and Events National Safety Month - Celebrate safety by teaching your students tips about fire safety, how to avoid strangers, or other safety topics. National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month - Celebrate National Fruits and Vegetable month by teaching your students about the importance of nutrition. Dairy Month - This is the time of the month when we are all reminded of the great importance of everything dairy. During this month try this milk paint recipe with your students. Great Outdoors Month - June is a special time to celebrate the great outdoors! Plan a field trip with your class and dont forget to set the rules for a successful trip! Zoo and Aquarium Month - Teach students about the zoo with a few animal crafts, and all about the aquarium by having students create an ecosystem. June Holidays and Events June 1st Donut Day - Whats a better way to celebrate Donut Day than to eat them! But, before you do that, first have students use a plastic knife to try and cut the donut into different sections to reinforce fraction skills.Flip a Coin Day - Sounds like a silly day to celebrate, but there are endless opportunities for students to learn from just flipping a coin! Students can learn probability, or you can have a coin toss challenge. The ideas are endless.Oscar the Grouchs Birthday - Kindergarten classes will love celebrating Oscar the Grouchs birthday! Celebrate by having students make birthday cards and sing Sesame Street songs.Stand for Children Day - Honor Stand for Children Day by making sure they will be college ready. June 3rd First U.S. Spacewalk - Celebrate Ed Whites spacewalk by having students participate in space-related activities.Egg Day - National Egg Day is a fun day to promote eggs. Use this day as an opportunity to teach your students the importance of eggs. Egg carton crafts would also go perfectly on World Egg Day!Repeat Day - Repeat Day can be a fun opportunity for students to review what they have learned. On this day have students repeat everything they did the day before. From wearing the same clothes to eating the same lunch, and learning the same things. June 4th Aesops Birthday - This is a day for students to discover all about Aesop by reading his famous fables.Cheese Day - Celebrate Cheese Day by having students bring in different cheese snacks and singing the Cheese song.First Ford Made - In 1896 Henry Ford made his first operational car. On this day have students discuss what life would be like if we didnt have cars. Then have students write a story about their ideas. Use an essay rubric to assess their work. June 5th First Hot Air Balloon Flight - In 1783 Montgolfier brothers were the first to take a hot air balloon flight. Celebrate the Montgolfier brothers great accomplishment by teaching students the history of balloons.National Gingerbread Day - Celebrate this yummy food by having students create gingerbread crafts.Richard Scarrys Birthday - Richard Scarry, born in 1919 is a famous author of childrens books. Celebrate this magnificent author by reading his book, The Best Christmas Book Ever.World Environment Day - Celebrate World Environment Day by learning unique ways for reusing and recycling items in your classroom. Plus, teach your students about how to take care of our earth with these activities. June 6th D-Day - Discuss the history and show pictures, as well as read some personal stories about that day.National Yo-Yo Day - Buy enough Yo-Yos for students to have a contest. The first person to keep it going the longest wins! June 7th National Chocolate Ice Cream Day - Celebrate this fun day by eating ice cream during snack time. June 8th   Frank Lloyd Wrights Birthday - Celebrate this special birthday by having students make an airplane craft.World Oceans Day - Take a field trip to your local Aquarium to celebrate this day. June 10th Judy Garlands Birthday - Judy Garland was a singer and actress who starred in the Wizard of Oz. Honor her great accomplishments by viewing the movie she was best known for.Ballpoint Pen Day - This may sound like a silly day to celebrate, but students will love being able to write with different color pens throughout the day instead of the same old boring pencil. June 12th Anne Franks Birthday - Born in 1929 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Anne Frank was a true inspiration to all. Honor this beautiful girls heroism, by reading the book Anne Franks Story: Her Life Retold for Children.The Baseball Was Invented - What is a better way to celebrate the day the baseball was invented then by having students participate in a class baseball game! June 14th   Caldecott Medal First Awarded - In 1937 the Caldecott Medal was first awarded. Honor the winners of this award by reading your students the books that won.Flag Day - Celebrate this day with Flag Day activities. June 15th Fly a Kite Day - This is a special day to celebrate with your students because it is the anniversary of Ben Franklins Kite Experiment in 1752. Celebrate this day by making a kite with your students. June 16th Fathers Day- Every third Sunday of June we celebrate Fathers Day. On this day have students write a poem, make him a craft, or write a card and tell him how special he is. June 17th Eat Your Vegetables Day - Its important to eat healthily. On this day have students bring in a healthy snack, and discuss the importance of healthy eating and getting enough sleep. June 18th International Picnic Day - Have a class picnic to celebrate International Picnic Day! June 19th Juneteenth - A day to celebrate the commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. Discuss famous women in history, and slavery statistics. June 21st First Day of Summer - If you are still in school you can celebrate the end of school with fun Summer activities.World Handshake Day - Have students describe their ideal world and draw a picture of their interpretation of World Handshake Day.United Nations Public Service Day - Help students recognize the importance of giving back by taking a field trip to your local food shelter or hospital. June 24th International Fairy Day - Have students write a fairy tale to honor this special day. June 25th Eric Carles Birthday - This beloved author should be celebrated every day. Honor Eric Carles birthday by reading some of his famous stories. June 26th Bicycle Patented - Where would our world be if we didnt have the bicycle? Use that question as a writing prompt for your students. June 27th Helen Kellers Birthday- Born in 1880, Helen Keller was deaf and blind but still seemed to accomplish a great deal. Read a collection of inspiring quotes by Helen Keller while teaching your students her back-story.Melody for Happy Birthday Song - Have students use the melody of the Happy Birthday song to re-write their own version of the famous song. June 28th Paul Bunyan Day - Celebrate this fun-loving giant lumberjack by reading the story The Tall Tale of Paul Bunyan. June 29th Camera Day - On Camera Day have students take turns taking photographs of each other and turn their photos into a class book. June 30th Meteor Day - Show students how a meteor shower  actually works.

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Argumentative paper on why Gun Control law should stay the way it is Essay

Argumentative paper on why Gun Control law should stay the way it is - Essay Example Many may argue that this will lead to an increase in the occurrence of such cases but on the contrary, if the students are taught how to handle the arms such as guns responsibly, they ought to access and carry them for their safety (Valdez, Angela & Ferguson 2012). This means that if students are allowed to own and carry their guns to their respective campuses, they will feel secure and comfortably learn. Another rampant case is that of sexual harassment (Bjorklund & Ruth 2013). This does not happen to the female gender only but also the male gender. When an individual fall a victim to such a case, it becomes easier to defend one-self when having a gun and also the know-how to handle it without basically killing the attacker. A student who has a gun, when he or she is attacked can put minor injuries on the attacker so as to scare him or her away. By doing this, students will be able to protect themselves against murder and any other illicit